Friday, December 16, 2011


The SPlatte series of flies was created a few years back while fishing the South Platte River in the colder months, hence the name, "SPlatte".  We all know how effective Charlie Craven's JuJu Bee Midge is on tailwaters around the world but I was looking for something a little more versatile when dialing in the winter time naturals.  At the time, I was looking for a slimmer version that could be easily tied in smaller sizes (#22-#26)to resemble the midges being taken by the locals.  In this thought process the "SPlatte" was born and I was happy to call it my own.  With the number of materials it takes to create this style of pattern, it can easily be tied in whatever color to match the local watershed inhabitants.  It wasn't until Steve Gossage took a look at this fly at a tying session and requested a few to be sold at the Anglers Covey.  Tying changed for me at that point, it was a matter of production.  Thanks again Steve. 
Pictured above is my 'Tung SPlatte PMD' in a size #18.  The series includes a PMD, BWO, Trico, and Caddis Roller and are available in select fly shops in southern Colorado. 

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