Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I had the rare opportunity this last week to fish with my good friends Chuck Lockwood and Steve Gossage, two of my favorite people on the planet.  No real need to explain anything else, this was a huge fish. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Free Flies. The Advice is Extra.

For whatever reason, most fly tiers tend to only fish 'their' flies or flies that they have tied themselves.  Whether it's a matter of pride, principal, or the fact that we have tied a shit ton of flies just a little bit different from the crowd to make them fishier than the normal flies in the bins, we all seem to favor our designs most of the time.  For the last seven or eight years, I would have to say, I am one of those guys.  Not that I won't bum a few dry flies off of whomever I'm fishing with (given that I see a fish rise), but that is rarely my situation.  In all of this, I have become a bit of a Rim Chung myself, and  seldom have reason to not fish a Shea Gunkel 'signature' Shotglass Baetis somewhere on my rig.  Not to say that other nymphs don't catch fish, they do, but I have the confidence in this fly to fish it everywhere I go. In doing so, I have them tied up in a variety of weights, colors, and sizes and fish them accordingly.  The first color I usually grab for is the dark brown version, but the Dunn, Olive, Black, Red, and Burnt Orange are always in the gameday lineup.  A few spring seasons ago I had the opportunity to fish a section of the SPlatte with a group of All Star anglers and was turned on to fishing purple flies.  Now granted, there is a time and place to fish purple, but at the time, I had zero confidence in the color.  Since that day I have been tying and fishing SPlattes and Shotglasses in purple if the conditions warrant with a ton of success on a lot of different waters.  If you tie flies, twist up a few and give them some playing time when you're out on the water.  If you're not a fly tier, or just like to win free stuff, go to my facebook page and like it to be entered into the 'Free Shit Giveaway' I'll be hosting at the end of the month.  Free flies, hats, stickers, etc will be given away to multiple winners,so don't miss out on the opportunity to to have something fishy waiting for you in the mailbox.

Enter now at your chance to get a few of these wet this summer!

A few 'Shotglass' Baetis in purple.


Pink MFC Tungsten